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Supporting business owners
from start to finish

Seamlessly acquiring and transitioning small to medium size businesses

What we do

We specialize in mergers and acquisitions of small to medium cap companies that are well established, have low volatility, and are profitable. We assist owners in exiting or retiring with confidence that the foundation of your company will be preserved, while ensuring the culture you have created lives on.

Who we are

At Interfuse Global, we welcome the opportunity to acquire your business. We want to understand your goals and dreams for your company and ensure we do everything in our power to realize them. We don't just want to be an investor, we want to be a partner in not only your success but in the reputation of your business for years to come.

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What we're all about

At Interfuse Global we provide complete business acquisition and asset management services, allowing you, the seller, to focus on your life. Our mission is to provide a transparent and secure exit strategy that empowers our clients to retire with confidence after years of hard work.


We pride ourselves in enabling business owners to move on with a sense of security knowing their business is in very capable hands. Our goal is to ensure that business owners receive a fair deal when they sell their business, ensure a quick turn around process, a smooth transition, and that your staff and employees are well looked after.

Solution oriented

Our mission is simple; to give our clients the resources they need to achieve success.

Mutual satisfaction

We take great pride in our work, and want both parties to be happy and satisfied with the results.

Peace of mind

We only work with experienced associates so you can feel confident in your decision.

Get in touch

Successful business owners trust Interfuse Global to guide them through the process of the acquisition and merger process. Contact us today for a customized consultation and long-term financial planning strategy that ensures your legacy lives on without interruption.

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